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Safety with laser pointers

Even a standard 5 mw laser pointer can do eye damage. For perspective, think about how staring at the sun can cause eye damage. Even a baby or animal won’t do this, because the body automatically takes over, and it blinks. Sorry for the ‘it’ thing, but you get the point. 

Once the laser […]

Stroke: The latest

From: Stroke LLLT clinical trial on 660 patients

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February 21, 2009 on 8:34 am | In LLLT | No Comments

The outcome of Photothera’s clinical trial on 660 patients with acute ischemic stroke was presented at the American Heart Association’s International Stroke Conference in San Diego yesterday. Though results were not as […]

Diabetes and Light and You

Diabetes and light therapy are coming together. This may not mean much to you, if you are not diabetic, or if you are diabetic and skeptical.

This site is for a gray area that medical science ignores. Science has lifted mankind above superstition. It has been said that a scientist is a professional skeptic. I think that […]