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Low Level Laser Therapy, Chiropractic, and Denial

Low Level Laser Therapy, Chiropractic, and Denial Low level laser therapy.

What is it? Well, there are many books on the subject, and a remarkable amount of agreement exists among them.

Now, when we speak of dosages, there is often a wide array of treatment protocols and parameters. These are based on the cold laser’s […]

New Series on Home Ergonomics For the Spine.

New Series for Home Ergonomics is Written by a Chiropractor. Are You Sabotaging Your Low Back at Home?

I just wanted to post this entry about a new series I have made called: Dr. Larry’s Quick Tips.

The series features a weekly tip for three months.

What a person receives is a very short […]

Blue Light for Wound Healing Works as well as Red Light

The nice thing about LED therapy is that it can be used for much, much longer periods of treatment time […]