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Bladder Infections No More

No More Bladder Infections

Although one should never ignore any infection, and should consult with their doctor, there is something you can do for yourself.

This is a remedy that goes back a couple of thousand years in Chinese Medicine, and about 200 years in American Folk medicine.

Before bed, take a large glass of water, add 1 tablespoon of any distilled vinegar, hold your nose if you have to, and drink it down.

Before bed. Large glass of water. 1 tablespoon vinegar.

Do this each night, for at least 4 nights, and continue after symptoms disappear for another week at least.

Chinese medicine says that the kidneys go through a cleansing cycle in the middle of our sleep. It is said that the vinegar water has an astringent affect on the “plumbing” of the urinary tract.

One common cause of chronic urinary tract infections, (and prostatitis,) is that mucus collects at the inside bottom of the bladder. It is a good environment for bacteria.

One way to say it is that if you have a dump that attracts rats, you can put rat poison there, but the rats come back when the poison is gone. So it may be with antibiotics and chronic re-currant bladder infections. The “dump” is the junk settled at the bottom of bladder. Clean it with vinegar water. Keep after it early with any re-occurrence. You will see that the frequency of infections decreases over time.

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