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Blue Light for Wound Healing Works as well as Red Light

LED works like low level laser therapy in some ways.

A new review of a research study has arrived which shows that LEDs can have a powerful effect on healing wounds. Although we are not talking about coherent light, the light does have positive effects. What does it take for plain old red or blue light to have this effect? The answer is that they are using monochromatic wavelengths. Say what? Well, it just means that the light is very pure, and sticks primarily to one defined color. For whatever reasons, this stimulates living tissues.


It may just be that those two Russian scientists, (I can’t remember their names right now,) had it right when they explained that the reason that tissues respond to coherent light so strongly is that those cells have never, in all of evolution, “seen” coherent light, so they react.

The same may be true regarding non-coherent, monochromatic light.

The nice thing about LED therapy is that it can be used for much, much longer periods of treatment time, and thus have differing effects in the long run. Diabetic people can use this method quite safely to treat their diabetic neuropathy.

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