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Coherent Light Therapy

 Lasers had first been built in 1960. He was attempting to cause cancer in rats. What he discovered was the principle of “bio-stimulation”. The shaved rats’ hair grew back at a much faster rate than the non-lasered rats.

But there is much, much more than hair growth going on here. Researchers have extrapolated this, and have used bio-stimulation of just about everything you can think of. They have also not given up on trying to cause harm with unfocused laser light, (which spreads out like a flashlight,) and they just are not able to do it. The only way that they can cause harm is to use huge doses, 100’s and 1000’s of times higher than the conservative doses I give in my book. And that harm comes from overheating tissues, not from the unique qualities of the light itself. I give references for all this in my book, which does have almost 300 references to amazing coherent light research done around the world. Right now I have been extremely busy with building my websites and preparing for the launch of my new book. In a few months, I will have the time to actually back up what I am saying here with the same references I have in my book, but in the meantime, I will post some juicy new and old abstracts from time to time. 

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