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Diabetes and Light and You

Diabetes and light therapy are coming together. This may not mean much to you, if you are not diabetic, or if you are diabetic and skeptical.

This site is for a gray area that medical science ignores. Science has lifted mankind above superstition. It has been said that a scientist is a professional skeptic. I think that is beautifully simple and true. It is wonderful that we have the disciplines of scientific research. I use scientific research extensively for my writing, but my output is not scientific. It does not pass scientific muster. I make a leap in my observations and speculations.

So why? Why do I think this is necessary? Let me give an example of engineers (who must be skeptical as well):

The links below are to sites that “Rush Limbaugh” a device which when hooked up to your circuit breaker, will save the average household with air conditioning about 10-15% on their electric bills, at least, (my best guess.)  Most of the people giving their negative opinions, (“scam”, rip-off, etc..”) sound like they have degrees, or are experts. It reminds me of all the naysayers out there that think their opinion is so important that they can casually shut down an idea simply based upon their “great” intellect. The company claims to save as much as 25%.

One of my degrees is an AA in Electronics, which is why I built my first lasers mentioned. I understood the basic concept of the sellers of the device, which is found at:

I bought one, and save about 15% on my electric bill. If I had taken the advice of the professional skeptics, I would not have such a cool thing going on regarding energy savings. I have no business connection with the company, (although I’ve thought about it.)

The point of this? I apply the same reasoning to health. If a method is safe, it is dumb to not try it.

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