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Diabetic Neuropathy No More

No more diabetic neuropathy? Well, if all cases were treated with coherent light early enough, that statement may become a reality. No more diabetic amputations? Why not? It is being done all over the world, but in isolated areas. There is a physical therapy clinic in West Virginia that has a steady stream of patients sent by doctors who have been educated about this way of treating diabetic patients.

With over three decades of research and thousands of published research papers, (with the numbers growing exponentially,) coherent light therapy, (also known as low level laser therapy, low intensity laser therapy, photodynamic therapy, LLLT, LILT, and cold laser therapy) has been shown to be safe and effective when properly used.

While there are some research papers which do not come up with significant results, this always seems to happen, no matter whether a method is useful or not. I say it is safe to try for yourself, if you follow some direction. Then you can decide for yourself, while the scientists debate. There is little debate about safety, because it has largely been proven over the past 30 years.

The laser book titled “Rejuvenation” covers over 40 common ailments and diseases, and shows an ordinary person how to use a common red laser pointer, the kind kids buy, to treat many conditions at home, from diabetic numb feet to tooth and gum complaints.


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Symptomatic Reversal of Peripheral Neuropathy in Patients with Diabetes. Alan B. Kochman, Dale H. Carnegie, and Thomas J. Burke. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association Volume 92 Number 3 125-130 2002

2 comments to Diabetic Neuropathy No More

  • John Cianflone

    Dear Sirs:

    I am a diabetic who has developed a lesion on the bunion of my left foot. My daughter suggested “cold laser therapy” treatment and sent me your website. I also subscribe to the Dr. Julian Whitaker medical newsletter and in his most recent issue he strongly advises the laser therapy for pain. I am in considerable pain and looking for a treatment which will alleviate it. My phone number is 703-560-9209 in Vienna, Virginia. My e-mail address is above. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Sincerely John Cianflone


    admin Reply:

    Hi John,

    I regret that I cannot give advice. I can only take advantage of freedom of the press. I am limited by laws which put all authority into the hands of those with M.D. degrees.
    This is because people and judges believe that an M.D. is on top of all the best of the best of medical science. Whether they are right or wrong remains to be seen.

    My problem with this is that medical science has become medical prejudice. If the answers aren’t within the medical monopoly umbrella, they are ignored. In the face of thousands of research papers on many subjects, those in power ignore those papers with the clarion song: “There is no scientific evidence to back up your claims.”

    This is said in spite of the fact that there is evidence for many, many treatments – and it is ignored as if it never happened. That, my friend, is prejudice, not science.


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