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More Evidence That Infrared and Near Infrared Light Increases Circulation in Either Feet or Brain

Gosh I love Mary Ann Liebert! Her very professional and informative website gives a wealth of research resources. The links below go directly to her website…

Focal Increase in Cerebral Blood Flow After Treatment with Near-Infrared Light to the Forehead in a Patient in a Persistent Vegetative State:

A man was in a coma, a vegetative state, for eight months following a head injury. LED’s were then used, (peak wavelength of 850 nm,) for 73 days, 30 minutes twice a day.

“Five days after beginning the LED treatments (after 10 treatments), the patient began to move his left arm and hand to reach the site of tracheostomy when suctioning was performed.”

Unfortunately, there was no further improvement over the remaining 2 months, however, we are new at this, and the initial results show much promise.


Immediate Effects of Monochromatic Infrared Energy on Microcirculation in Healthy Subjects:

There are numerous studies which demonstrate the efficacy of using infrared light on the condition of diabetic neuropathy. This study was on the feet of healthy subjects, and they used “an array of 60 x 890 nm LEDs attached to flexible pads (3×7.5 cm).” Subjects were illuminated for 30 minutes. As one would expect, there was a significant increase in blood flow.



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