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FDA Gives Approval For Palomar Medical’s Wrinkle Low Level Laser Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy for Wrinkles

“Palomar Medical Technologies Inc. a maker of laser based cosmetic treatments, has received a 510(k) over-the-counter clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a new home-use laser device for the treatment of eye wrinkles.”

All I can say about this is what I heard from a doctor on a television interview regarding this new device. It apparently has a number of 5 mW red lasers in it, similar to laser pointers you can get at Office Depot. The doctor being interviewed stated that a person must use this device 3 times a day, thirty minutes per session, for a few months to see a difference. I must say I am not impressed.

I built a device with multiple 5 mW red lasers, and gave it to my mother for muscle aches and such. She tried it on her wrinkles, and it irritated the skin around her eyes. I am sure it is not identical to the one passed by the FDA, but it probably is not much different.

There are so many uses for low level laser therapy, but it costs a lot of money to prove a company’s claims to the FDA.

That is the reason for the do-it-yourself laser book: Rejuvenation.

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