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How To Give A Safe Spinal Massage

Although I occasionally use my therapeutic low level laser when going through the procedures I just posted to, these spinal neuromusculoskeletal re-education procedures work extremely well on their own. With chronic cases, it takes repeated attempts. Two or three sessions per week will speed things up. Improvement in neck and back pain, with related headaches and such, is felt immediately, and improves with each week, peaking out within 4 weeks, on average.

I made this video, (split into two parts for,) about 5 years ago. I was 15 pounds heavier then, but that’s another story.

In this video, I give you the culmination of what I know about removing muscle memory passively. Muscle memory involves millions upon millions of sensors around the body reporting to your cerebellum. Your cerebellum is your 3D processor for your body. This is very important, although you may not realize it. Muscle memory is a huge part of what brings people to my office eventually, and it is exactly what helps Tiger Woods hit that golf ball so well. Muscle memory. Sometimes that “memory” is guarding against some spinal injury that happened as a child, teenager, or adult. Depending on how “reactive” a patients’ muscles are, the areas of stress can distort the spine. This results in “balancing” compensations elsewhere in the spine. Defense networks start forming in those compensatory areas, becoming stiff, irritated, and because of faulty bio-mechanics over many years, they can become unevenly arthritic and degenerative. Joints can wear out unevenly, like tires that are out of alignment. This can result in irratic nerve impulses, which have become distorted because of local joint irritation, inflammation, and dysfunction. These all contribute to, and are caused by misalignment, subluxation, etc… It can become a vicious cycle. It needs to be interrupted. It should be reversed.

You have an answer here to the above problems. Is it the whole answer? No. Is it a big answer? Yes.


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