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LLLT = Low Level Laser Therapy

LLLT = Low Level Laser Therapy

Let’s review:

LLLT has been demonstrated to be both safe and effective in cases where biostimulation is deemed helpful. Biostimulation is the stimulation of biological elements and systems. I focus on chronic conditions, as opposed to acute conditions. I have very little experience with acute conditions, because my early personal experiences increased scar tissue deposition, and I only use LLLT for scratches and cuts, but not for anything worse. The same goes for strains and sprains; I do not use LLLT for new strains or sprains. This is because of the risk of too much scar tissue deposition. I know the research shows that it is helpful for such, but it should be done by a sports-related healthcare provider who has experience and training in the use of LLLT on acute conditions.

I don’t usually see those kinds of cases. Regarding the spine, I generally stay away from the spine with LLLT because of the relatively small risk of an aggravation of osteoarthritis. I know that the research says otherwise, but I find that OA generally becomes aggravated when illuminated with LLLT. I must say that I don’t have the best and latest equipment.

Soft tissues are much easier to illuminate with no negatives and reliable positives. Since I am a chiropractor, I am limited to using treatments such as the one below on only myself. It is interesting to me, because I have already treated myself in the past for the same problem.

This is a synopsis of a Russian research paper which demonstrated that LLLT and famitodine was a good combination for treatment of Primary chronic gastroduodenitis (PCG):

[Laser therapy and famotidine in complex restorative treatment of primary chronic gastroduodenitis]

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