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LLLT for Orthodontic Speed

Low level laser therapy of orthodontics speeds the movement of the teeth. Too bad most dentists are absolutely blind to this…

Conclusions: Most authors report positive effects of the use of LLLT on speed increase of orthodontic tooth movement when compared with control or placebo groups. Diode laser, especially gallium aluminum arsenide, used continuously and in direct contact with the irradiated areas, was the most frequent protocol. Further studies are warranted to determine the best protocols with regard to energy, dose, and intervention schedule.


Influence of Low-Level Laser Therapy on the Rate of Orthodontic Movement: A Literature Review

To cite this article:
Simone Torri and João Batista Blessmann Weber. Photomedicine and Laser Surgery. September 2013, 31(9): 411-421. doi:10.1089/pho.2013.3497.

Published in Volume: 31 Issue 9: September 18, 2013
Online Ahead of Print: July 24, 2013

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