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All Roads Lead To Inflammation

Has anyone else noticed the recent change in TV pharmaceutical commercials?

Has anyone out there realized that over the counter “cold and flu” drugs have been eliminated from children’s medication by law?

What do the two above statements have to do with one another?

When our children were growing up, I avoided such medications, and if it appeared that the cold or flu was going to keep the child awake, I would give them some children’s ibuprofen.

I felt that inflammation was the main irritant, and decreasing that would result in a more restful night’s sleep.

You know, it’s funny. You and I, (at least our bodies,) are “sponges” made of a highly organized electromagnetic network. Suspended in it are

little bits of mass.

And yet, the idea of electricity having anything to do with homeostasis is anathema to medical science. Why not?

For one thing, it is apparently difficult to prove.

Only recently has it become accepted that indeed “some” electricity runs along the nerves. Now an uneducated person reading this may think that the idea of electricity running along the nerves to be a commonly accepted idea.

No, far from it. It is avoided just as much as Ron Paul in the Republican primaries.

So what is my point?

Well, medical science has long has a negative view on “blaming” inflammation for just about anything except for the outwardly obvious conditions.

There appears to be much resistance to connecting chronic inflammation with cancer, for example.

Yet, to the “uneducated”, the idea of constant irritation and inflammation to particular tissues as being a possible cause of eventual cancer would appear to be a rational idea.

So, back to the recent commercials on TV. Something has happened.

Now, you don’t need just an allergy drug.

No. You need this new drug for “allergic inflammation”. It is billed as “getting to the cause” of your misery.

Getting to the cause.

Now, how about the cause of the cause?

One of many? Milk.

Another? Gluten. There are more.


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