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Ultimate Secret Survivalist Tool

Low Level Laser (LLLT) for Survivalists

That’s a pretty catchy title, isn’t it? No, not the one right above – the one at the top – “Ultimate Secret Survivalist Tool”

The reason a standard 5 mw laser pointer is the ultimate survivalist tool is because:

Any self-respecting survivalist is going to have rechargeable batteries. […]

LLLT for Myocardial Infarction

Low Level Laser Irradiation Alters Cardiac Cytokine Expression Following Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Potential Mechanism for Laser Therapy

Photomedicine and Laser Surgery Volume 29, Number 6, 2011


In the present study, the antibody-based protein array technology was applied for screening the cytokine expression profile following MI, with or without laser irradiation. The present study […]

Post-Surgical LLLT

LLLT and Wound Healing

In my book, I make a number of “predictions”. Among them is this one: in 100 years, all surgeries will be preceded or followed by a short illumination with low level laser (LLLT). Here is just one more new salvo:

The role of laser biostimulation in early post-surgery rehabilitation and its […]