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Temporomandibular Syndrome Part Three

One more thing, it is well known that water softeners remove minerals from
water. Water softeners have been repeatedly indicated to be a cause of sudden heart attacks, due to lack of calcium and magnesium. (They usually blame sodium.) One researcher concluded, “Health education could be used to discourage the use of water softeners to treat water used for drinking and cooking.”267 What about all the other minerals? Zinc, for growing young men, chromium for the young pancreas trying to keep up with all the sugar, calcium for bones, teeth, and muscles, and all the rest-gone with the water softener. Who cares out there?

Back to TMJ syndrome. Considering all of the above, one component of TMJ
syndrome was not mentioned: the pterygoid muscles. There are two pterygoids
involved with each jaw joint, and they are difficult to get at. In my opinion, the relaxation of the pterygoid muscles is a big key to muscle relaxer success. Th e pterygoids can develop trigger points inside their muscle bellies and become spastic.

One way to stretch them is to bite on your finger(s) with your fingertip back behind your last molars. Therefore, instead of biting your fingertip, you will be “gumming” your finger tip. When the jaw closes, the pterygoids are exposed, and you know it by the pain they produce when stretched/challenged by your fingertips. When you are in this position, push your fingertip up and back into the soft, tender tissue.
Stretch it as much as you can stand without injuring yourself. When you are done,
you should notice immediate relief, maybe for good, maybe for just a while.
You can also reach the pterygoids with a coherent light. (Geez, I thought I would
never get to this.)



267 Magnesium deficiency and sudden death
Mark J. Eisenberg, Am Heart J, 102 Aug;124(2):544-9

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