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I started using a small laser pointer on my hip and gluteal region where I have a chronic muscle spasm. The laser pointer reduced the spasm and the pain significantly. Because the laser pointer brings down muscle spasms it also seems to reduce the pain that radiates down my leg. There are times when the pain is so bad that I can’t sleep but then I use the laser pointer and it brings the pain level down enough that I’m able to sleep. It really has changed my life.

-Kristina Muhl, R.N.

How absolutely great this is! I suffered from a crippling infammation of the tissue in my right hand, wrist, and forearm which made it difficult to perform certain aspects of my job…Over the course of several months I was able to see appreciable relief in my symptoms. I am now back to 100% functionality and able to perform my duties with no issues. If I feel occasional twinges of pain, I use a laser pointer at home for treatments on myself which are very effective. I also suffer from diabetic neuropathy in both feet. I have experienced a significant improvement in sensation, and I feel laser therapy has helped delay its progression.
-Mary Frances Richard, R.N.
…After several days of self treatment my pain not only subsided, but I haven’t had the same severity since. I now use my laser pointer whenever I feel pain in my body at almost any site. At 62 years of age I now feel better than when I did when I was working. I am able to keep any pain and discomfort under control with my laser pointer.
-Mary Causey, Pittsburgh Police Detective, (retired)
Former Cardiopulmonary Technologist
I was skeptical. However, I read Rejuvenation and applied Dr. DelRe’s techniques on my sore rotator cuff. To my surprise I felt better and the results lasted. Dr. DelRe presents techniques that work with clarity and confidence. Rejuvenation illustrates simple tech­niques using light therapy and how to apply them with detailed elegance.
-Allen D’Angelo M.S.
Interview of Joan Preston, (severe diabetic.)
Len:  What is your problem?
Joan: I am a diabetic and I have thyroid problems. I have diabetic neuropathy,
(numbness,) in my feet.
Len:  How did the laser pointer work for you?
Joan:  At first it didn’t do anything. After a couple of weeks, I increased the dosage
to 5 minutes per surface. In about a month the shooting pains in my toes went
away and I could walk better. After about 6 weeks, I became distracted and
quit using my laser pointer. Some time later the pains came back and I realized
I hadn’t been using the laser pointer, so I started up again.

Len: In your case, do you think it was the laser pointer, or something else in your

life that gave you relief in the feet?
Joan:  I think it was the laser pointer. I didn’t change anything else.
Len:  On a scale of 1-100, how much relief did you get?
Joan: About 80% relief. The toes still feel like there’s numbness there, but the shoot-­
ing pain has lessened.
-Joan Preston, Diabetic



My first laser back in 1986 was a 2.5 mW HeNe laser. It did not create any miracles in my dental clinic but the results were interesting enough to keep up my interest – in spite of the high price tag in those days. The years have passed and equipment for low level laser therapy has improved a lot, producing much higher power and new wavelengths. But still at a rather high price, especially if you want to have one for your private use. Meanwhile, laser pointers can be obtained at a very low cost; a red pointer of around 5 mW can be found for some 20-30 USD. Such sources of coherent light are by no means optimal but they do present an affordable option for self treatment of many medical conditions, espe­cially for conditions in superficial tissues.
The aim of the book “Rejuvenation” by Lawrence DelRe is to underline this fact and to bring attention to the possibilities of self treatment by laser pointers. The suggested thera­pies are based upon the author’s own long-time experience. Some indications are rather speculative, others based upon scientific evidence. Nearly 300 references are listed at the end of the book. But in all cases the author underlines safety precautions in a responsible way. The medical risks with laser pointer in this power range are indeed minimal but whatever there is has to be emphasized, considering the fact that this book is aimed at a general public of laymen. The author also underlines that laser pointers are for self treat­ment – no to treat others than yourself.
Although the range of possibilities with laser pointers is somewhat limited, many individuals will find them surprisingly effective for several conditions. This in turn may generate more interest in professional laser therapy and eventually advance the frontiers of this fascinating medical tool.
– Jan Tunér DDS

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