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Zicam Cold Remedy

You know, it seems incredible that as we face an outbreak of H1N1 virus across the country, we have taken one of the most effective over-the-counter virus suppressants ever developed off the market. This was done because a number of people reported a loss of smell.  This was extrapolated into a high danger of not smelling leaking gas. It was taken off the market a few months ago. I wonder how those who lost their sense of smell are doing now?

Why am I writing this now? Because I have just opened my last bottle of Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel. Gee, I loved this product. I’m sure going to miss it. Sure, they still have the other cold remedy products, but that zinc taste gets old real fast. The bottom line is that zinc prevents the replication of viruses. I believe that Zicam zinc delivery systems seem to work better than the other products/lozenges which use zinc. Of course, it has been years since I have used something other than Zicam. 20 years ago, zinc lozenges weren’t as reliable, but I don’t know why.

Thank goodness that so far most of those who have been struck with the H1N1 virus have done reasonably well.  However, at the time of the recall, we did not know that for sure. In the beginning of all this, there were those who feared that the effect of swine flu would be devastating to a recovering economy.

Why not place these nasal gel products under an M.D.’s prescription, and he/she could monitor the patient’s sense of smell?

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